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Check-up visits and holiday rental

For the proud owner of a property in France it will always be a scary idea to leave his/her property empty some of the time. One of our activities is the management of you property by regular check-up visits. More information

Holiday rental

We arrange also for the rental of your property and the maintenance of the garden and swimming pool.

Formal matters

We also provide advice in the areas of contracts, insurances, notary services, etc.

House styling

You might want to furnish and dress your house by a professional, we can recommend House2style. Especially in case you want to rent out your property, this is an excellent option: a home that is presented in the right way rents out more easily!


Are you looking for a suitable loan or mortgage? We can assist you in finding one. A mortgage by a French bank could be more interesting than by an English bank. Our French contacts in the financial world always speek English.

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